Van Horn

It’s impossible for us to cross West Texas in our RV without having to stop and spend a night somewhere. RV parks are few and far between and let’s just say the pickings are slim. So today, and on our last few trips, we’ve settled on Van Horn RV Park (in Van Horn, Texas) because it’s the farthest we can make ourselves drive in a day. There is something a bit forlorn about the place…


The park does fill up as it gets later in the evening because there aren’t many other options for weary RV travelers.


Is this a cabin for rent? Or maybe they put on plays here? Super mysterious.


Up next –  New Mexico.

The Old Year Goes


The Year

What can be said in New-Year rhymes,
That’s not been said a thousand times?

The new years come, the old years go,
We know we dream, we dream we know.

We rise up laughing with the light,
We lie down weeping with the night.

We hug the world until it stings,
We curse it then and sigh for wings.

We live, we love, we woo, we wed,
We wreathe our brides, we sheet our dead.

We laugh, we weep, we hope, we fear,
And that’s the burden of the year.

~ Ella Wheeler Cox, published 1917

999 Pieces


Abby and I finished this big Texas puzzle in two days (with some excellent help from Viki!). It is supposed to have 1000 pieces but Max ate one. This is the piece he ate –


I told him that that may come back to bite him!