We have visited South Llano River State Park dozens of times. Somehow we have completely missed the falling down bits of an old homestead located onsite. We stumbled on it this time. Interesting or creepy?

Devil’s Claw

Yesterday Margaret and I took a walk on the open space behind her house. She found this weird looking dried seed pod from a plant called a Devil’s Claw (also referred to as an Elephant Tusk or a Unicorn Plant) common in the deserts of the Southwest.

Margaret says she has found lots of these pods. She gave me this one to keep, and I love it.

Spotting Some Similarities

Driving west out of Lubbock, you start to notice that all the little towns have a very similar look as you make your approach…

Muleshoe, Texas

Farwell, Texas

And Clovis, New Mexico. (Hint – it’s the grain elevator!)