Big Rivers, Small Bridges

Yesterday we drove from Missouri to Kentucky. We crossed the Mississippi River and then, almost immediately, the Ohio River. Apparently we were just upstream from where those rivers join. Between Missouri and Kentucky, we briefly passed through Illinois.


We’ve crossed the Mississippi River a number of times and have always been on enormous bridges. But yesterday we “lucked” into the two tiniest, skinniest little bridges imaginable to cross these two huge rivers. It was so tight we almost bumped mirrors with an oncoming semi.


Don’t look down!

The Eye of the Beholder

The other morning we were all packed up and ready to head off for a long day of RV driving when I remembered a photo that I just had to take. I asked Paul to hang on and made a quick dash to get my picture.

On my return he asked what was so interesting that I needed a photo. “A stump…a really good looking stump”. Let’s just say that Paul doesn’t love a stump as much as I do! But he is very patient.





It’s not just the stump – it’s also the interesting fungus.



A Shack by Any Other Name

We’re on the first leg of our extended RV trip to Ohio to spend time with Paul’s family. Tonight we are staying in Glen Rose TX (near Fort Worth) at a funky old park operated by the city.  In addition to RV sites it has a gigantic swimming pool, cabins for rent and is home to an annual blue grass festival. It has a distinctly 1950’s vibe.



Here is a row of rental cabins cleverly and aptly named –





and Hut!




I’ve been very attracted to the floral shop at my grocery store lately with all the pretty fresh flowers. It’s been so hot and dry here that everything in the yard has turned brown. I guess the floral shop is providing a colorful reprieve.




An etui is a small decorative case for holding needles and other sewing accessories. A while ago I developed an interest in making my own fancy needle cases. Who doesn’t have a burning need for an etui?  I have a stack of hand-embroidered pillowcases and dresser sashes that my maternal grandmother made. I thought turning some of these into needle cases would be a neat twist.

Here is my first effort. It opens like a small fabric book. It’s sort of cattywampus. And my ideas didn’t all work exactly as planned. But still – it’s quite pleasing to me.



Viki and I went to the McNay Art Institute today. I love this beautiful building and have been visiting it since elementary school field trips. This is one of my favorite views, a beautifully tiled staircase.



Something Weird



We’ve got several of these weird little things hanging from odd places on the outside of our house. This one is hanging low near the foundation but most of them are hanging higher in window frames. It’s about 3” long.

Paul looked it up online. This is a bagworm, actually a caterpillar.  I think that a moth is going to emerge from this weird little structure. Bagworms are the only species that uses plant debris to build their sacks. So those are leaves from our Live Oak trees.

It’s a little creepy. But I’m glad it’s just moth. That doesn’t seem too threatening.

Here’s more info from Texas A&M.


I Made a Thing


It’s not unusual for me to make things. But this is a bit of a departure for me. My sister and I took a sashiko class at Las Colchas – our beautiful local fabric store. I’m not much of a “group” person, but this was fun.


Sashiko is a form of Japanese embroidery used for visible mending.  We learned the stitch by creating this little patchwork. I absolutely love the final product. It’s a carrying case to store all my sashiko supplies. I can envision many interesting projects using this technique.

Machine Embroidery

For my birthday Paul bought me a wonderful computerized sewing machine that also does embroidery. My new machine is a fantastic upgrade for everyday sewing. And the embroidery feature has been so much fun to play with. Let’s call it a learning process.


That’s a sample from an afternoon of experimentation. Finding interesting embroidery designs has become something of a preoccupation!