I love clogs and my current favorites are Swedish Hasbeens. Very cute clogs – but not totally comfortable. I almost have to wear socks with them because the leather upper is pretty stiff.

I had an idea to knit a little “half sock” for summer clog wear. It would protect my foot but not be too hot.  Also, it would look cute when I wear shorts.



These were super quick and easy to knit. And a great way to use up the last bit of a skein of sock yarn.


I like the way that the ribbing peaks out from the clog. And, yep, that looks pretty cute with shorts!

One thought on “Clog Socks

  1. Mighty cute. I noticed multi colors of clogs. If other young women like clogs, perhaps you can start a clog sock business. Who knows? 💞⚓️💞

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