This isn’t the most beautiful photo –  it’s a box of roasted New Mexico green chili.


We’re spending a few days in Albuquerque enjoying some time with our friends Jon and Margaret. I was lucky enough to be invited to help them peel green chili. It’s a New Mexico autumn ritual.


The goal is to peel off the charred skins, remove stems and seeds. Jon set up a work station on the patio; box of chilis, fresh trash bag, pails of fresh water, a big bowl for the peeled chilis. We sat looking out over the mesa, peeling chilis and talking. We watched a rain storm roll in.  When we were finished we had several bags of chilis for the freezer.

It was a fun and memorable afternoon with my friends.

One thought on “Peeling Green Chili

  1. Were they already roasted when bought? I was surprised to see bare hands working! Looks and sounds like a very pleasant time together. When will you be coming back to SAT?

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