When my brother died in 2014 I found among his belongings a natural canvas Lands End Square Rigger Pullover. Still in the package, it had never been worn but the shirt’s nautical styling was very reminiscent of Ronnie. He had been a Merchant Marine, a tug boat captain and a small boat enthusiast.

It’s taken me all these years to figure out a way to make the Pullover my own. I wanted it to fit my aesthetic but retain that bit of Ronnie’s style too. So here’s what I did…

This is the original Square Rigger.


I dyed it a pretty shade of blue.



And added some embroidery – Ronnie had an anchor tattooed on his shoulder.


7D02509E-96CC-48D6-8C44-2E6F4033E015I’m very happy with the end result. But even more than that I’m happy about the time I spent working on this remembrance of my brother.09BDB47E-AD7B-468D-96F1-C73A5C16907C



2 thoughts on “Square Rigger Pullover

  1. Your tribute to Ronnie touches me deeply. Than you for these pictures describing your work on this shirt. You, yourself, are a tremendous tribute to your brother. Your

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