I’m spending this weekend visiting Abby and Willie in Washington DC. Today Abby and I made a trip to the National Archives.  It’s such a beautiful building.


Later, I learned that four years ago (2014) the National Archives got together with the Academy of American Poets and created a program called “We the Poets”. Together they published several original poems inspired by the holdings of the National Archives.

Here is one of those very inspiring poems…

The Documents

By Terence Winch

The Documents are weeping, fading,
fearing the worst.

They are the messages
that keep coming.
They are promises, dreams, hymns,
i.o.u.’s. Proclamations.

They are word-flags.
security blankets.

You could wrap yourself
in their giant pages.

They want to tell us who we are
or who we should want to be.

They are sails made of speech.

You could navigate
the vessel of your inner life
with their words propelling you along to the horizon.

The Documents tell their stories
over and over, even when you’re asleep,
even when the dark government temple
where they are entombed has shut
down for the night. The Documents never
tire, never shut down. They never expire.

They keep up their endless arguments,
hoping to be heard. Take heart, they insist.
Resist your worst impulses. Fight on,
even against invincible power. Listen
to what we have to tell you, they say, ancient,
faint, yet stronger than a wall ten miles thick.

One thought on “The National Archives

  1. This is beautiful and inspiring.

    You and Abby are sharing a very meaningful time.

    My love to all of you, Willie, Abby and Angela, my Beloveds. Mom/GM

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