We’ve got several of these weird little things hanging from odd places on the outside of our house. This one is hanging low near the foundation but most of them are hanging higher in window frames. It’s about 3” long.

Paul looked it up online. This is a bagworm, actually a caterpillar.  I think that a moth is going to emerge from this weird little structure. Bagworms are the only species that uses plant debris to build their sacks. So those are leaves from our Live Oak trees.

It’s a little creepy. But I’m glad it’s just moth. That doesn’t seem too threatening.

Here’s more info from Texas A&M.


One thought on “Something Weird

  1. Lots of bagworms played a role in my childhood. Particularly on cedar tree/bushes. The picture of yours is much prettier than the Cottonwood variety. Ours looked like the link to A&M. I entertained myself trying to extract the thing inside. Pretty gross to think about!

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