The pandemic has sent us looking for new, socially distant ways to enjoy Tucson. Today we did the Miracle Mile self-guided driving tour. The Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation has an online brochure with all the details.

Before the Interstates were built, the Miracle Mile was the main automotive corridor thru Tucson. It was lined with motels and other businesses. What the Preservation Foundation doesn’t tell you about this tour is that these are currently very busy streets, there is almost no place to pull over, and many of the historic buildings have been torn down or condemned.

Paul did a few U-turns, we maddened the drivers around us and we managed to see a few of the quaint buildings and businesses the make up Tucson’s Miracle Mile.

One thought on “Tucson’s Miracle Mile

  1. I have vague memories of having driven this Miracle Mile with my parents in the late 1940’s. That tall cactus is familiar. Thanks for prodding this old memory.

    The two of you make the most of your visits always. ♥️

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