Still on our extended RV trip, we have spent the last few days in Creede, CO. Creede is an old mining town in south central Colorado. It is at a very high elevation; 8852 feet. The air is very thin up here! The town is just as cute as can be. The surrounding area is mountainous and beautiful.

We are visiting just after their tourist season. Many of the restaurants and retail shops are getting ready to close – or already have closed. I think it’s nice that we don’t have to fight the crowds.

There are parts of the town that seem a bit hard scrabble. But there are also parts of the town that are very artistic and whimsical.



And then we found ourselves at the corner of Zen and Nirvana….




One thought on “Too Cute by Half

  1. When I read the words Zen and Nirvana my imagination took over. How does that feel? Then I saw the street signs!

    You have the eye and heart of an artist/poet. Your pictures of Creede capture the truly whimsical aspects of the people. I especially am drawn to the giant Sunflower 🌻.

    Your Sven posts are a delight! 💞

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