This week our travels took us from Creede CO to Pagosa Springs CO. That meant that we had to go over Wolf Creek Pass. I admit to a fair amount of anxiety on mountain roads and passes. But Paul knew all about Wolf Creek Pass (10,857 feet).  He had prepared me and built my confidence.

I was a little bit rattled when the Colorado State Trooper pulled us over at the summit (10,857 feet!) and gave us this warning handout:


The State Trooper was pulling over all large vehicles, not just us. Our RV weighs in at 25,000 pounds and with our tow car we’re about 55’ long. Extra caution just makes sense.

Here’s the scary map posted above our route (note the dangerous! hairpin turn at 6.5 miles):


And here’s one of the two Runaway Truck Ramps – just in case:


The drive down the west slope of the pass was about 8 miles and we dropped about 3700 feet. It was exciting?

The good news is that we lived! Paul is a very experienced driver and I’m sure there was never any need to worry. But worry I did, it’s my job. Somebody has to keep the plane in the air (metaphorically). Of course, in this case being airborne would have been less than ideal.

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