This is our Christmas Tree Skirt –



In 1992, on the day after Thanksgiving I had the clever idea to make this tree skirt. The skirt has a decorated panel for each member of our extended family. At that time I needed 19 panels. How did I ever do the math to figure out how to divide a circle into 19 even slices?

Looking back on the calendar, I see that I completed this project in less than 29 days. In 1992 I had a full time job and a young daughter. The skirt is a combination of machine and hand sewing; lots and lots of hand sewing. I worked feverishly to get this thing finished – every spare minute.

Somehow in my creative fervor, it absolutely never, not once, occurred to me that the family roster would change. But of course, in the intervening 26 years there have been changes. We’ve had marriages and  births, divorces and deaths.

This tree skirt is just a snapshot, a moment in time when I was filled with creative enthusiasm to celebrate my family.



One thought on “Christmas Tree Skirt, Part I

  1. I must have known you made a panel for everyone. Seeing this splendid tree skirt now thrills me. You are a creative genius with the same drive as Ronnie had. Building his boats. Thank you Sven for letting me see this again. ❤️⚓️❤️

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