One of the interesting things we see while driving around the back roads of Texas is the many and varied county courthouses. The smallest most dilapidated little town will have an unusually fancy county courthouse. I believe that there are coffee-table books devoted to this subject.

The town of Goliad (small but not terribly dilapidated!) is the County Seat of Goliad County. This is the Goliad County Courthouse which sits smack in the middle of town.


The courthouse isn’t fancy inside but does have some pretty touches.


Originally built in 1894, it was damaged by a hurricane in 1942. So it has had some updates.


The original architect was Henry E. M. Guidon and the courthouse was built in the “Second Empire Style”.


Goliad County is named for Father Miguel Hidalgo. Goliad is an anagram minus the silent H. I have no idea why they used an anagram!

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