Many, many years ago I visited Schroeder Hall with my college roommate, Tracy, and her family. They lived in Victoria TX. Tracy and I came from College Station for The weekend. On Saturday night we all headed for Schroeder Hall (situated between Goliad and Victoria). Very memorable night.


Like most Texas Dance Halls it’s a family place. Grandparents to babies – everybody shows up. There is plenty of beer drinking but mostly it’s about the music, the dancing and community. Lots of two-stepping  but at some point during the night the band will play the Cotton Eyed Joe and the Schottische. Everyone is on the dance floor forming lines like the spokes of a wheel. If you don’t know the steps, the line just pulls you along for the fun. And it is fun!

Schroeder Hall is the second oldest dance hall in Texas. It opened for business in 1890. It’s a series of odd little buildings sitting in a big open field out in the middle of no place.


Paul and I drove over to Schroeder for a little trip down memory lane. Paul asked if it looked familiar. Nope! Not familiar in the least. But in fairness, they remodeled it a few years ago. Also, it was many years ago, on a hot Texas night, and the hall was crowded with people enjoying the dance.

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